About Us

AUOP is an ONG focused since January 2009 onthe achievement of equal opportunities in Sri Lanka. We normally work inside the most underprivileged communities through cooperation; anessential tool for social changes to achieve equal opportunities.



Lot of families in Sri Lanka have serious difficulties for giving their children nursery education. This education is not state-subsidize. As a consequence, in most cases, parents can’t afford their children’s education due to unemployment or because they lost their parents during the Tsunami. Families don´t have resources and they can’t teach their children because they don’t know how to do it. Some parents are forced to live far away from their houses in order to send money to their families. In view of all these needs, AUOP worksbyhelping the most underprivileged people through the creation of differentprojects. These projects will be set off on the areas with more difficulties to make it possible for those people who has been affected to participate on the restructuration of their lives. When this collaboration is created, AUOP takes part of the population life providing help and improving the quality of the situation of most vulnerable rural families, directly favorising children.



One of our main objectives is the defense of human rightsof childrenthat can be in a dangerous social situation through the achievement of national and international resources, public and private, in order to carry out the project of development bythe organizationor others associations thatAUOP collaborates with. Our main goals are:


  1. 1. To develop the most disadvantaged areas.
  2. 2. To provide the place with the necessary resources and the necessary facilities for
    achieving the emancipation of people on their own.
  3. 3. To eradicate every form of exploitation or oppression that is against population rights.
  4. 4. To cooperate inside the communities that live in a situation where human rights are denied.
  5. 5. To respect, protect, spread and promote the culture of communities and areas of cooperation.
  6. 6. To act in an effective way to eradicate necessities of some zones of the planet due to natural disasters.
  7. 7. To develop wills of people regardless of their gender, race, nationality, language, politics or religious ideas.

You can have more information about AUOP by reading our principles and TRANSPARENCY policy.



  1. Solidarity: shared responsibility with collective organizations and disadvantaged people.
  2. Transparency: Accountability and guarantee access to information to member organizations, government and society.
  3. Plurality: Recognition of diversity within the organization, ensuring their representation through mutual exchange, internal democracy, participation and volunteerism.
  4. Independence: hierarchical, functional and institutional with respect to public, economic and social powers.
  5. Equality: Social justice and non-discrimination, to build a society in which all people have their social space.
  6. Compromise: to social transformation, people orientation, claim, defense of the rights and adapt to change to meet the needs and expectations of the recipients of the action.
  7. Coherence: with the adopted agreements and the capacity to accomplish them in honest manner



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