The AUOP project of 2011 is the construction of a school in the village of Opatha, south of Sri Lanka and belonging to the District of Galle, an area where we have been working primarily as an NGO since our inception. The village is within the Division “BOPE Poddale Divisió Secretary” in the area of Grama Nilaghari, number 127.

Opatha is a rural town of about a thousand inhabitants, surrounded by rice fields. The townspeople survive with many difficulties, as they haven’t got a source of steady income, but they support themselves with occasional jobs. It should be pointed out that 61 families survive thanks to the collaboration of a charity called “Samurdhi”.

The preschool of Opatha, which belongs to the Buddhist Temple “Opatha-Wuavilike”, is in very poor condition and has a limited capacity of 15 children. Both the leaders of the temple and the public administration in the area do not have enough means to build a new school for the children of the area.


In July 2011 the original school was demolished and the new school was built, with a capacity of 40 children from disadvantaged families.

The faculty consists of a young woman linked to the Buddhist Temple, who develops her teaching activity altruistically.





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