School 2009 Rehabilitation 2009

We started working in Sri Lanka in 2009. We went to the south of the country, to a seaside town called Galle. There, we had an interview with the mayor of the locality, Mr. Metshiri Del Silva. We wanted to give him information about the AUOP association and specifically about our project aimed at improving the quality of life of the population of this city.
The mayor showed interest in the project and he accepted our request: we wanted to know about the situation of the poorest families of the zone. To that end, he gave us a list of families with very few means for living. Immediately after, we visited these families to verify their real situation and to establish which kind of help we were providing to.


Fist actions by AUOP

We visited a family in a very underprivileged situation. We decided to offer a bed, a mosquito net and a set of sheets as a priority.


We met a family of eight members without any means to survive. They survive thanks to their neighbors that sometimes provide them some help. We decided to make a contribution of basic foodstuff and hygienic products over a year.


We noticed that one of the families has a daughter of four years old with serious nutritional problems as a consequence of an intestinal problem. The girl has been operated twice and she needs special milk for the convalescence period. We decided to provide them this milk over a year, which is the whole period for recovering.


We visited two orphanages and we decided to make a contribution of basic foodstuff, hygienic products and mosquito nets.


We offered a first delivery of 60 shoes and satchels to allow that children can go to the school in an appropriate situation.

We gave a second delivery of 133 shoes for children in the presence of Alcalde Sr. Metshiri de Silva.

We restored a children’s school that wasn’t opened because of its deterioration.
Over three weeks we rebuilt the facilities of the building with new materials: we changed the roof and reinforced beams replacing the old ones. We plastered and painted the walls of the building, replacing as well old doors for new ones. We fit out a rest room and installed the water drainage. Outside, we restored the zone that was in a situation of carelessness.





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